Goliath, Meet David: How Small Businesses Can Outsmart the Giants

It’s a classic tale – David versus Goliath. But did you ever think about the story in terms of business competition? How does a small business compete against a larger, more established one? Hello, I’m Jeremiah Greco, a veteran in IT Security, web development, and DeFi enthusiast, here to guide you through the labyrinth of business competition.

So, strap in, entrepreneurs, and let’s dive into the world where size doesn’t necessarily dictate the winner.

Google Knows Best

Ever thought about the fact that Google’s main mission is to provide the most relevant information to its users? So, if we reverse engineer this fact, we arrive at a question: what are your customers searching for?

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Once you know what your customers are hunting for, you can start creating content to match their needs. You can even set up your website to become their go-to hub of useful content. That way, you not only attract traffic but also create opportunities to market your products or services. Remember, it’s about being seen by the right people at the right time.

Ever thought about how to learn what your customers are searching for?

Credibility is Key

Just as three banks trusting you with their money makes a fourth one likely to do the same, Google and your potential customers also need that assurance. That’s where domain authority comes in.

It’s not enough to have a website. You need to show your customers and Google that you are a credible source of information on your specific topic. Think of it as your online credit rating. The more credible websites that link back to you, the better your domain authority.

Now, how can you build domain authority? Partnering with other businesses, getting featured in local news, or guest blogging are all viable options. But remember, credibility begets credibility. You want to be associated with other credible entities.

Have you considered which credible partners align with your business?

Google Business Listings: Your New Best Friend

If your business isn’t listed on Google Maps, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Google loves to keep users on its platform, and that’s why Google Maps results are prioritized above website search results.

Your Google Business profile should be teeming with helpful content and glowing customer reviews. Google rewards businesses that are active on their platform with higher search rankings, and reviews provide potential customers with a real sense of what they can expect from you.

How often do you engage with your customers via Google Business Listings?

Techy SEO Stuff Matters

Even the most well-crafted content can be overlooked if you aren’t following Google’s best practices. Fast-loading mobile-friendly websites are the name of the game. Optimization can seem daunting, but a few key practices can make a big difference, such as caching your site content, converting images to a webp format, and being careful with plug-ins.

Are you certain that your website is optimized for Google’s best practices?

Studying the Competition

You’re not alone in this business battlefield, and your competition can serve as an invaluable resource. Do they have a website, social media, or Google maps listing? Do they post relevant content regularly? What keywords are they targeting?

By learning from your competitors’ triumphs and mistakes, you can hone your own strategy and find unique ways to stand out. Remember, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just make it roll smoother.

Have you analyzed your competitors recently?

The path to competing with larger businesses can be overwhelming, but remember, every effort you put into your brand brings you one step closer to your goal. It’s not always about being the biggest fish in the pond, but about being the most memorable.

In the end, remember David. Size didn’t determine the outcome of that battle, strategy did. And with the right knowledge, time, and excellent service, even the smallest business can compete against the giants.

As always, if you need a helping hand navigating this journey, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy competing!

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